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Say Cheese in Malayalam “ചീസേ”

Not so long ago my brother and i decided it would be a great idea to join the mad people at The Adventurists for a 3000km self driven Tuk Tuk ride the length of India called the Rickshaw Run. It was as mad as it sounds and the roads in India are crazier than you would ever imagine but we made it to the Kerala at the spicy and sweaty end of India two weeks later.

As a schools photographer I thought this would be an amazing place to give a little back to the local community and with a little help from a local man found St. Francis Church L.P. School, Kochi, which catered for the less fortunate children. Using a nearly white sheet I had borrowed from the room I was staying in and my hand held flash we rigged up a studio hanging the background from the bars on the window and using the international language of slapstick we achieved great results. The children loved the experience of having two crazy foreigners in their school and the photographs I was able to get made me realise how special the job of a schools photographer can be.

On returning to the UK, we sent a copy of the photographs back to the school for the parents to treasure. I am hoping to repeat this amazing experience this year on a trip to South East Asia so look out for the results here in 2015. If your school or nursery is twinned with another or you would like to be let us know we would love to help.

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